Napoli is not Nepal

Hailing from Cologne, Napoli Is Not Nepal is a one-man project featuring Hendryk Martin. His first musical influences came straight out of the Hardcore scene: With the Hardcore outfits Chastment and Blew, he got his first two bands together, with whom he reached a small but enthusiastic audience and released two 7” records. After both had broken up, he decided to start his own project: he wanted to try out different kinds of music and play around a little; thus he began to mix electronica with a traditional style of music. Finally Martin found his own style and created his very own variation of pasta sauce.


His music’s main feature is the combination of technical sounds with traditional music, creating a fresh and innovative style. By always searching for new styles and techniques, he repeatedly reinvents the typical NINN sound. For NINN, the sky is not the limit, and thus he never sounds the same. There’s no textbook for NINN’s style, he just creates the sound he likes. On his Shitkatapult debut „revolv_er“, NINN combined fragments of jazz music with clicker sounds. It was a try-out period for strange but interesting song titles. But they implicated what it was all about: Electronic monotony combined with aesthetic organics and quite a good portion of nihilism was, and still is, the stylistic focus. The main target of the musical production was to create new sounds indispensably intertwined with a wide range of harmonies and even more nihilism… This initial process of writing songs gives NINN a platform to reinvent himself and create his very own innovative and unique style.


Pictures (shot by Sandro Boege):